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Emerging Asset Manager Survey Listed Investments - October 2020

Welcome to our October 2020 survey.

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At Motswedi, our Higher Purpose is grounded in the belief that Transformation in the asset management industry is an enabling process which will grow the Asset Management industry to the benefit of all.

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Survey commentary

The equity market (ALSI) fell -4.7% in October representing its worst return since March 2020. The main drivers of the return was attributed to Large Cap stocks which fell -5.3% and Mid Cap stocks which fell by -3.1%. Property remains an asset class under pressure losing a further -8.5% over the month.

Looking at the one year to end October 2020, Gold Mining, in spite of poor returns over the past 3 months, have still delivered a return of 55.7% and Industrial Metals returned 25.2%. The losers for the year to date have been REITs down -54.1% and Real Estate Dev & Services down -45.8%.

In the Bond survey, Makalani Fixed Income continued to outperform over 1 and 3 years. Over 5 years the Balondolozi bond fund returned 8.7% outperforming the Mainstream Median. In the SA Equity SWIX category, over one year, Aeon and Perpetua are ahead of the peer group as well as the Mainstream Median. First Avenue’s approach to investing has not been favoured in their domestic equity fund, which has lagged the peer group; however, this is in direct contrast to their offshore offering.

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