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Emerging Asset Manager Survey Listed Investments - September 2020

Welcome to our September 2020 survey. Thank you for the positive comments regarding the last survey.

With the discussions of the Financial Sector Transformation Council’s (FSTC), voluntary, Transformation Scorecard making its way higher up the agenda list of Boards of Trustees, what are you views on the direction your fund is taking regarding Transformation.

Motswedi believe that True Transformation entails applying your mind to the purpose of your funds existence in a South African context and the role your fund can play in meaningfully Transforming the financial services industry and beyond.

Motswedi’s 4 layers of Asset Manager Transformation analysis

  • At least 51% Black ownership

  • At least 50% Black representation at Board level and voting rights

  • At least 50% Black representation at management level and/or Exco level

  • At least 50% Black representation at Portfolio manager level – “trigger pullers”

At Motswedi we believe that the proverbial “tick-box” exercise to show Transformation may not have the intended outcomes your fund is looking for.

How are you managing Transformation in your fund...?

Please reach out to me, would love to chat about it.

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