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JSE “Rings the bell for financial literacy” alongside global stock exchanges

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has joined other global stock exchanges in shining the spotlight on financial literacy as part of world investor week, driving awareness for the need for ongoing investor education and protection.

“The education and empowerment of investors is very important to us at the JSE as it ensures inclusion of various investors from across the spectrum and emphasises that the creation of wealth is not for a selected few. As the leading exchange in Africa, we are cognisant of the pivotal role we play in uplifting our society and equipping them with tools and information that will enable them to build better futures for themselves and future generations,” says Aarti Takoordeen, Chief Financial Officer at the JSE.

Economic growth is a by-product of commercial activity and financial participation from members of a society. However, people can only be economically active if they are exposed to financial education. It is, therefore, crucial to improve as well as increase financial literacy as this has a direct correlation on the prosperity of any country and its economic growth.

As a longstanding champion of financial literacy, the JSE believes that World Investor Week, among several other programmes created by the JSE, help expose the public to proper financial knowledge that enables them to make better decisions for the future.

Investing in the youth of South Africa

The JSE has a youth development programme that has been running for over 40 years called the JSE Investment Challenge – it teaches learners the fundamentals of saving and investing. Through a virtual game, learners are able to invest an imaginary R1m for six months and the leading team receives a prize at the end. Through this game, learners are equipped with tools which will assist them in becoming financially aware and savvy.

Empowering women

The JSE has an annual summit dubbed #SheInvests and it empowers, educates, and supports women who want to achieve financial freedom through investing on the stock market. The summit continues to reach hundreds of women and empower them with information and tools that teach them to be financially independent.

The JSE is committed to improving financial literacy in South Africa through initiatives such as #SheInvests and the JSE Investment Challenge

As a key economic contributor, the JSE remains committed to improving financial literacy in South Africa and ensuring that its programmes develop investment and saving savvy youth.


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