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Stats SA modifies its SA Coronavirus Vulnerability Index

Statistics South Africa has modified its COVID19 Vulnerability Index to be more relevant towards the Covid-19 vaccination program; a data tool used to promote evidence-based approach in the management of pandemic.

Statistician-General Risenga Maluleke said the South African Covid-19 Vaccine Vulnerability Index (SACVI) could also be used effectively during the country-wide vaccination roll-out programme.

The Vaccine Vulnerability Index was developed as a way of using the smallest area population data available and incorporating dimensions and indicators to statistically reflect localised risk factors that may contribute to the spread of COVID-19 for each individual against set criteria being measured.

“We are hoping that decision makers in the public health sector who are responsible for not only administering vaccines but in getting communities to register for being part of the vaccination program can use this dashboard tool,” says the Statistician-General.

The Index looks at several factors in measuring vulnerability and 60% of that scorecard considers population factors like age and employment. The Index also shines light on household services like access to media, access to water. Then the tool also looks at household composition and health factors.

Stats SA’s Demographic and Population Statistics chief director, Diego Iturralde, said: “The index we are releasing is an adaptation of the vulnerability index produced last year by focusing on factors that speak more closely to need and priority of receiving the vaccine.”

Mr Iturralde added that the Index could enable public health decision makers to focus on areas where vulnerability is driven by overcrowding, multi-generational households, elderly and exposure to chronic conditions.

“These make up 60% of the index score and the other 4 indicators make up the outstanding 40%,” said Mr Iturralde.

The dashboard tool, which can be mapped to the smallest possible area and show the Covid-19 vulnerability of an area, will be presented to other inter-governmental structures.

The SACVI could potentially be used to:

  1. Locate vulnerable communities.

  2. Define priority groups and the best methods of communicating to help define a tailored outreach and communication plan.

  3. Assist to plan the location of dispensing sites, especially for the mobile units, and to monitor uptake.

Stats SA is hopeful that the use of this tool will assist the country in prioritising the most vulnerable communities and ensuring that there is adequate access to the vaccine for all.

The Vindex Vaccination dashboard can be accessed here

The Vindex Vaccination dashboard technical report can be accessed here

Mapping vulnerability to COVID-19 (http://www.statssa.gov.za/?p=13875)

The original index can be accessed here


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