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The Imperative Role that Technology Plays in Workforce Management

Workforce Management has always required a highly specialised balancing act to ensure efficacy. Within the current socio-economic climate, this knife’s edge has become much more complicated than ever before. To manage this and ensure success, organisations are embracing innovation, and turning to advanced technology.

“Managing a workforce has become much more intricate, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Managers are having to navigate an unprecedented digital revolution within the working environment,” explains Dereck Sigamoney, Managing Director at LabourGenie.Net.

One area of workforce management that has drastically transformed is that of employee scheduling, time and attendance, and leave processes and tracking. Historically, manual or on-site clocking systems were utilised to manage this. In the light of the remote work and adjusted hours that have become even more prevalent since 2020, technology systems that incorporate remote and digital workforce management solutions are imperative. This provides records that are automatically updated in real-time, for accurate and effective tracking and management.

In organisations like in-store retail, where remote work is not necessarily possible, advanced technological solutions are able to track store activity over a period. This offers realistic estimates of the number of staff needed in store per shift. This prediction allows workforce managers to schedule staff efficiently and resourcefully. “This type of predictive technology not only allows for staffing and scheduling benefits, but also provides a prediction of potential store revenue for that shift with 98.4% accuracy,” continues Sigamoney.

Another key area impacted by digital transformation is that of the tracking and management of employee absenteeism. Today, datasets allow for effective management of these instances and the reduction of the amount of strain that the mismanagement of absenteeism can have on the organisation and other employees.

The right technological solutions are also imperative in supporting workforce management in essential organisations and industries, such as healthcare. “By employing the right technology, healthcare managers can now get an accurate assessment of the amount of staff needed to care for patients – all while also offering predictions in terms of care needs. These predictions are highly specialised and draw on in-depth scientific analysis to enhance patience care,” explains Sigamoney.

This type of insight is pivotal at any time within a healthcare facility, but especially during a global pandemic. Understanding the resource and staffing requirements will help healthcare managers to make effective and crucial decisions in providing care and maintaining the highest possible level of safety for all involved.

Innovative workforce management solutions also provide a planning capability which allows organisations to understand the resources, equipment, and time needed for production and services in a highly proactive way. This drives effective management and strategy, ultimately saving resources and funds.

Technology plays an imperative role in workforce management, effectively providing pivotal business insights. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Guided Decisions and Scenario planning, allow for successful planning, improved efficiency, and productivity, resulting in a happier and more cohesive workforce.

“The extent to which technology can improve workforce management is immeasurable. The latest technology is providing real-time data for effective decision making. These advances will assist managers in aligning their workforce planning and strategy for optimal processes, procedures, and results,” concludes Sigamoney.


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