To subscribe / update your information / RSVP for an event or training session / complete a CPD Assessment form, and any related services we provide, please read the POPIA Subscriber Information Document V1.2 January 2022 before completing the information request / RSVP / CPD Assessment or any related forms provided by us. By completing your information and clicking the “SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER” / “SUBMIT INFORMATION” / “REGISTER” / “RSVP” / “SUBMIT ASSESSMENT” or any related buttons intended to execute the supply of your information to either EBnet or Pensions World SA, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this POPIA declaration and that you consent to:

  • us and our technology service providers continuing to use the personal information you have given us on this form, for the purposes of providing our Services to you.
  • subject to our complying with the law, us or our technology service providers using cloud storage for your Personal Information, such that your personal information may leave South Africa.


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