The Alexforbes Battle Boards Chess Championship makes its opening move
5 Dec, 2023

Viresh Maharaj, Executive of Strategy at Alexforbes


Alexforbes is proud to announce its sponsorship of the inaugural Alexforbes Battle Boards Chess Championship for high schools across South Africa. This exciting online chess championship is set to challenge learners from Gauteng, Western Cape, North West and KwaZulu-Natal and will serve as a platform to foster inclusivity, competition and celebrates one of the world’s most strategic sports.


Scheduled to commence on 10 February 2024, this team tournament will witness 128 schools, comprising 1,280 players competing within their provincial pools. The top eight school teams from each province will advance to the final stages, culminating in a grand showdown on 24 February 2024 to determine the ultimate champions.


Viresh Maharaj, Executive of Strategy at Alexforbes, remarked, ‘We are excited to launch the Alexforbes Battle Boards Chess Championship, where chess is not just a game but potentially a game-changer for the learners. The sport encourages players to develop strategic planning skills, optimise the resources on the board and builds character under stressful circumstances. It is about making every move count, which reflects our own approach to helping clients plan ahead.’


‘The Alexforbes Battle Boards Chess Championship signifies a remarkable milestone for high school chess in South Africa, as it will allow schools across the full range of socio-economic circumstances to compete against each other in an online format that will be live-streamed,’ says Andre Lewaks, President-Elect of the Chess South Africa Executive Board.


Chess levels the playing field across dimensions of gender, race and income. Like most sports, success is built on preparation, teamwork and passion. But where chess is different is that it is a sport that everyone can play and where any school can emerge as the champion. This is the opening move for the Alexforbes Battle Boards Chess Championship with the next being expansion across all nine provinces in the future.


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