What does NHI hold in store for South African employers and their employees?
11 Aug, 2023

Naseema Ephraim, Managing Director: Employee Benefits at ASI


The National Health Insurance (‘NHI’) Bill signifies a well-constructed framework for our South Africa’s healthcare system. It is a crucial step towards addressing disparities in access to basic healthcare and it aims to provide equitable and quality care to all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.


There have been many discussions in support of and against the NHI Bill since its signing. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider a few critical issues during these discussions.


  • Historically, only around 20% of South Africans can afford private healthcare
  • This means over 80% of the population relies on public healthcare and its infrastructure
  • Most medical scheme members join private healthcare via employment but have shared concerns that the ever-increasing premiums are eroding away at their disposable income


Most South Africans choose private healthcare so they can have immediate access to private care at their convenience as an when they need whilst private healthcare offers their members this level on convenience and security this is not easily accessible in the public sector due to lack of quality infrastructure.  However, should ALL citizens not have access to quality premium care at our convenience!


It has become clear that businesses and employees need a solution that speaks to their business and individual needs – equitable, fair and affordable. Employers need practical solutions that suit diverse healthcare needs and preferences. It is crucial to work together and find a compromise between the NHI and current private medical insurance, utilizing the advantages of both public and private healthcare systems.


What are the next steps for us to consider?


  • What steps should business South Africa take in a hybrid healthcare system?
  • What is the actual value proposition between cost vs convenience vs employee preference?
  • Should employers who provide private healthcare benefits to their employees reconsider their value proposition?


Join ASI Financial Services in partnership with Business Day Dialogues – to be part of the conversation that will explore the current and future hybrid scenarios that business South Africa may encounter, with practical models and strategies to adopt for their business, its employees and their families.  Joanne Joseph will be hosting our expert panel of speakers:


  • Dr Nicholas Crisp, Deputy Director General of the National Health Insurance
  • Anthony Govender, CEO of ASI Financial Services
  • Dr Stan Moloabi, Principal Officer from GEMS
  • Prelisha Singh, Head of Public Law at Webber Wentzel
  • Teshlin Akaloo, Managing Director of NetcarePlus.


Date: 16 August 2023

Time: 10h00 to 11h30

Register here: https://arenaevents.africa/webinar-registrations/the-future-of-healthcare/





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