Why group cover is essential for small business impact
8 Jul, 2024


Rapule Mahlangu, Head of Associations at Metropolitan


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have already laid the groundwork to turn your dream into a successful business, now is the time to consider what kind of legacy you are building. This begins with your employees and the security you offer as a leader. According to Rapule Mahlangu, Head of Associations at Metropolitan, entrepreneurs have the power to shape lives and communities by the thousands, and they should be able to protect what they’ve built.


“It’s time we all understood the importance of our entrepreneurs and the communities they support. These are the nation makers, innovators, builders, and dreamers who activate our economy, so they should be able to protect their employees and provide a deeper sense of financial security – especially in these uncertain times.”


For entrepreneurs, Mahlangu says building a business often involves ticking off numerous essential milestones such as company registration, tax certification, and obtaining industry-specific accreditations. However, he says one critical element sometimes overlooked in the ‘business starter pack’ is Group Funeral and Live Cover.


“With Group Cover, small business leaders can provide vital support and security to employees, ensuring that even the smallest enterprises can offer meaningful benefits to their employees.


A common misconception is that only large corporations can afford to do this, but take for instance, a woman who owns a cleaning and health services business, who decides to put Group Cover in place for her 65 employees. This decision empowers her staff significantly, proving that small businesses can indeed offer robust support structures.”


Access to benefits that were previously thought of as out of reach can empower a community, proving that small business owners are collectively shaping the future and creating a cycle of empowerment and growth.


He says offering customisable Funeral and Life Cover plans provides peace of mind for entrepreneurs and their employees. “Plans can be tailored to fit individual needs and budgets, ensuring loved ones are taken care of, no matter what the future holds.”


The philosophy of collective progress is central to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. By securing the future of employees through Group Cover, entrepreneurs are not only cementing the stability of their businesses but also contributing to a broader movement that supports and nurtures young entrepreneurs. This collective effort is crucial in driving real change and sustainable growth within South Africa.


“This makes for a more resilient business environment. By taking a collective journey towards empowerment, entrepreneurs can drive real change, while building a supportive, motivated workforce and shaping a brighter future for all,” Mahlangu concludes.




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