YuLife, successful UK Insurtech is coming to SA – join us at our launch!
23 Mar, 2023

Jaco Oosthuizen, Co-founder and MD YuLife SA


After spending nearly 30 years in the insurance industry, and through some profound changes in my personal perspective, I strongly felt that there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way that companies and individuals derive value from insurance.


South Africa has the second highest insurance penetration globally – and our industry is incredibly innovative. However, the group risk market has historically seen less innovation and is ready for disruption.


I have always been passionate about how an insurance offering – that all people love and engage with – can positively have an impact and add true value on a daily basis, and not only at claims stage.


In 2017, I joined a startup venture called YuLife based in the UK, who took this impact and vision to a whole new level.


YuLife’s mission is simple: Inspire people to live their best lives.


After five successful years and with over 600, 000 lives covered, I am excited to bring the success of YuLife to home soil.


Ready for disruption


Over the past year we have adapted the successful business model of YuLife for the SA market. We’re bringing an offering that gives businesses and individuals a fresh approach to the insurance experience, and inclusive, holistic wellbeing in the workplace. We are achieving this through an app inspired by award-winning game design, that truly engages with and rewards employees for living a healthy lifestyle.


We don’t want to just be the life insurer that is useful at the point of crisis or death. We want to help inspire life. And if our UK success is anything to go by – we are about to hit the SA market by storm. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this movement.


If you want to know more about YuLife, why not attend our official launch in JHB or CPT?




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