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The benefits of Gamification: Using technology to increase people engagement

How ill-prepared companies were for the digital leap…

There are many stories out there, both of success and of failure when the limitations of countries in lockdown became a reality.

Those who were slow to adapt to digital engagement and work-from-home (WFH) dynamics were hit hardest whilst others with big portions of their business already using several digital platforms were quick to step up and become leaders in the new world of work.

Solutions like Zoom and MS Teams became overnight superstars as the world grappled to find digital ways of engagement. The downside however is that we all quickly became fatigued by the constant on-line meetings filling your diary wall-to-wall with often little or no gaps in-between!

Hosting conferences also became a huge dilemma as the solutions most organizers gravitated towards was the same on-line meeting platforms but with now several hundred participants on line at the same time, a sure challenge for platform stability and people engagement.

To make things sound more high-tech and attractive, almost all of these organizers referred to their conferences as “virtual” conferences. Technically speaking, these conferences should rather be called “on-line” conferences as they contain normal website-like pages with content displayed in a flat format on them.

A “virtual” conference in the true sense, is one that digitally mimics a real-world experience and were participants enter into a digitally created immersive environment wherein they can navigate around as they would have done at a real-world event.

This concept forms part a new technology trend called “Gamification”.

A few quick Google-searches of the following terms reveal the following:

What is Gamification?